Telemedicine and advances in vision testing technology are changing the way optical stores operate.

Smart Vision Labs is a leader in this revolution, and our convenient, affordable clinically proven 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform are reducing costs and improving sales and ROI for our partners.

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Increase Each Store’s Capture Rate and Sales!

Optical stores lose business every time a customer wants to buy a pair of glasses but must make an appointment for an eye exam, first. And even if you do have a doctor onsite, many customers don’t have the time to wait for the next available appointment.

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The highly accurate 5-Minute Vision Test is reducing the costs of remakes and returns. Using our doctors eliminates the costs of finding and paying for doctors to be on site in each of your locations. Multiply those costs by hundreds, or even thousands of locations, and those costs can add up quickly.

Telemedicine and eHealth Are Not the Future – THEY ARE THE PRESENT!

Changes in healthcare costs and coverage and the availability of cutting edge technology are already causing major disruptions in how optical stores do business. Our clinically proven smart refraction system is based on precise wavefront aberrometry, the same wavefront technology used in many NASA-partnered telescopes and LASIK. Our proprietary telemedicine platform connects your stores instantly to board certified ophthalmologists/optometrists.
92 percent

Smart Vision Labs partners report as many as 92% of customers who get tested buy glasses

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