Accurate refractions. Anywhere, anytime.

The SVOne is a smartphone-based autorefractor that’s precise, ultraportable, and powerful.

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In published clinical testing, spherical equivalent refractive findings measured with the SVOne were highly correlated with those obtained using subjective refraction (r2= 0.96)

Read the clinical study published in Optometry and Vision Science, December 2015.

What professionals are saying

"The accuracy, intuitive design, portability, and affordable price position the SVOne to be a pivotal advancement in the development of accessible eye health care systems...I am most inspired by this device’s power to provide accurate refractive care outside of the office and into the places where there is the greatest need: workplaces, schools, community health centers, nursing homes."

Christine Chmielewski, RN, OD
Fellow, VOSH International
Doylestown, PA, USA

"The SVOne has generated a lot of positive feedback from patients. My tech uses the SVOne on each patient during pretesting. I see a lot of kids in the office, and cell phones are familiar to them so they are more cooperative. I also travel to nursing homes, and the SVOne works great for people in wheelchairs."

Kara Gibbs, OD
Southern Tier Optometry

"I'm really impressed with the numbers the SVOne produces."

Hal Ostrom, OD, FIAO
Clinton Eye Associates

"I've been practicing for over 30 years. With my recent purchase of the SVOne I've put aside my retinoscope and now use this innovative new technology on every patient, every day. I get more comfortable with it every time and feel very confident counting on it in my practice as a starting point. Due to its portability I believe this could potentially be a very powerful tool for optometrists who visit nursing homes. This could mean no more 'schlepping' heavy equipment."

Michael I. Davis, OD

"[I] got to use my [SVOne] in a screening at my former prep school. Screened about 50 students, so I got a chance to hone my skills... I am loving this more and more. Two more college screenings this month and I am very confident of of the device's usefulness and accuracy."

Arnold Zide, OD
MCPHS, College of Optometry

"Smart Vision Labs' innovative SVOne technology is one small step & giant leap for patient comfort, care, and reachability in addition to an efficient use of time and technology for eye care providers. The SVL team has been fantastic with our initial introduction, training, and testing of this device with young children. We envision SVOne as a potential exceptional new resource for patient care throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond."

Jerome Jordan Esq.
Northeastern Eye Institute

"I really appreciate how Smart Vision Labs is so proactively reaching to professionals like me to get feedback about enhancements for what is already a great technology. I love it and have to say the 'wow factor' is a real plus with my patients as well."

Doug Streifel, OD
Senior Vision Services