NYC Upper Westsiders Can Now Check Their Vision with the 5-Minute Smart Vision Exam at Modern Day OptX

Modern Day OptX now offers vision exams during all business hours with the Smart Vision Labs telemedicine platform.

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EyeCrave Optics in Watertown, NY Brings Fun Back to the Vision Exam with the Smart Vision Exam

Getting a vision exam in NY State’s North Country is in now as much fun as picking out frames at EyeCrave Optics. The first installation of Smart Vision’s new telemedicine platform has arrived in time for back to school.
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Eyecare Myths - Busted

Do you think you can pass a short quiz about eyecare? In a world with information at our fingertips, sometimes we need to stop and separate the truth from popular opinion. Read though this list of Eyecare Myths and see how well your knowledge compares.
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Why Prescription Eyeglasses Are About to Become as Convenient as Off-the-Rack Reading Glasses

You know the story. You have a parent or older relative who really should have a vision exam and get prescription eyeglasses. But when you suggest the idea, the only answer you get is, “Why? All I need is a new pair of reading glasses from the drugstore.”
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Get an Eye Exam During National Eye Exam Month

Back in 1989, Sears designated August as National Eye Exam Month to encourage parents across America to schedule back-to-school eye exams for their children. In the years since, other businesses and organizations, including the American Academy of Opthamology, have begun to support the idea that when the calendar page turns to August, it’s time to schedule an annual eye exam.Read more

Devonshire Optical Now Offering The 5-Minute Smart Vision Exam

Thanks to Smart Vision’s new telemedicine platform, customers can now check their vision on the spot, with no appointment necessary

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Will Self-Guided Vision Tests Make a Trip to the DMV Easier and Faster?

Some people hate going to the dentist. Others are afraid of flying. And some folks even say they would rather die than make a speech in public.

But there’s another experience that lots of people dislike even more than any of those . . .

Going to the Motor Vehicles Department
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Schedule a vision exam at Kalmus Optical

Schedule a vision exam at Kalmus Optical! Smart Vision Exams are the most convenient vision evaluation, powered by a smartphone. No appointment necessary.

Get a new eyeglass prescription or a vision evaluation during all business hours.

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5-Minute Eyeglass Prescriptions at Vint & York

Visit Vint & York in downtown NY for a Smart Vision Exam! The most convenient vision test, powered by a smartphone. No appointment necessary.

Get new eyeglass prescriptions or a vision test during all business hours.

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What is Telemedicine? What Effect Will It Have on the Care of Your Eyes?

What is Telemedicine?

The prefix “tele” comes from ancient Greek, meaning “far off” or “distant.” You’re already familiar with many words that start with it. Telescopes and televisions are devices that let you see objects that are far away. A telephone lets you talk with people who are at a distance.

So what is telemedicine? As you have probably concluded, it means medicine that is practiced when there is distance between a care provider and a patient. And chances are that you are already familiar with certain forms of it . . .
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