Capture More Customers During the Pandemic

Smart Vision Exams allows you to integrate vision exams into your store and helps you capture more customers to boost your glasses sales.

Smart Vision Exams allow small businesses to thrive and respond to demand during COVID-19. Learn why Spyglass Eyewear, a small New Hampshire business, decided Smart Vision was the right choice for them and how it’s affected their capture rate for customers. 

Simple. Accurate. And a product with a high capture rate. 

When asked about how Smart Vision Exams integrated into his new business, these were the words the owner of Spyglass Eyewear used to describe our vision exams. 

“It’s fabulous,” said their owner. “We’ve never had a remake, never had an issue with the prescription. People love this technology.”

Since integrating Smart Vision Exams, Spyglass Eyewear has been able to take advantage of doctors’ months-long backlogs to provide quick vision exams to customers who are on the go—and with that, he’s been able to capture them as customers for his custom frames business. 

According to their owner, 80%-90% of customers who take a Smart Vision Exam make a glasses purchase at his store. For a small business like Spyglass Eyewear, this was huge. 

Why Spyglass Eyewear Chose Smart Vision

Spyglass Eyewear first knew they wanted to integrate Smart Vision Exams when they were looking for a cost-effective but efficient solution to providing glasses prescriptions.  “This is like a godsend,” said their owner. With COVID-19, it felt like a level playing field for a new business like them to open up into. Spyglass Eyewear wanted to start a shop where they could sell their own brand of frames and prescriptions to go with it, but they didn’t want to invest in the startup costs to have traditional eye exams. And then they found Smart Vision. 

“When people see it, they notice the simplicity and the accuracy. Everybody loves it, whether they’re 21 or 74,” their owner said. “It was a godsend, and for the investment I made, it’s been awesome.”

Interested in integrating Smart Vision? Learn more about our offerings here.