Why Customers are Choosing Smart Vision

Smart Vision Exams: Customers’ Safety Pick

Customers are choosing Smart Vision Exams because of how quick, easy, and safe our exams feel each visit.

We surveyed 500 customers over the Pandemic Period (March 2020 – September 2020) to hear how safe they feel using Smart Vision Exams during COVID. We wanted to share what our customers are saying and show how we have a top NPS for our industry.

Graphic showing data on how customers feel regarding safety during exams

Graphic of our NPS Score

A series of reviews from customers


Case Study: Detecting Amblyopia with Telemedicine

Due to the pandemic, the healthcare industry is going through a dramatic acceleration through dispersion. The dispersion of care is now being delivered everywhere from the doctor’s office, patient’s home, pharmacies, emergent care centers, retail locations, community centers, and other various locations. Patients now have more choices to pick a safe and convenient location to receive their care. In this case, we want to demonstrate how a late amblyopia patient was discovered in an optical retail location.

SVOne wavefront refraction technology has the ability to detect signs of amblyopia, also known more commonly as the “lazy eye.”  In this case, we demonstrate how optometrists and ophthalmologists use Smart Vision Labs’ telemedicine platform to detect signs of amblyopia and send a patient in for an in-person comprehensive eye exam.

Case Study: Amblyopia in a Younger Patient

The patient is a younger person in her late twenties visiting one of SVL’s partner eyewear retail locations during November, 2020. She went through the wavefront refraction test, and the data was reviewed by a license ophthalmologist. The doctor noticed the patient has an unbalanced visual acuity, left eye with significant astigmatism, and history of poor vision in left eye since childhood. The doctor was then able to refer the patient for amblyopia evaluation.