Detecting Myopic Shifts in Diabetic Patients

This is the first of our Preventative Vision Care SeriesIn this series we will be presenting various different case studies on how we can use telemedicine to detect eye diseases in patients. Our first installation features how we can track myopic shifts in diabetic patients


What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Although it can become severe, it is easy to slow the onset of diabetic retinopathy through regular and frequent vision exams. Smart Vision Labs can provide quick check-ups to your diabetic patients who want to check their vision health frequently and with ease. 


Diabetic patients may experience blurred vision in current glasses due to myopic or hyperopic shift in their natural lens. Today we feature a diabetic patient who came in recently to understand how telemedicine was used to identify a myopic shift.




After reviewing the data, doctor referred the patient for an in-person exam with following Referral Remarks:



Regular eye exams can delay the onset of severe vision loss in diabetic patients. Here, we see how an increase in refraction error was able to be detected by the SVOne. After the doctor’s consultation, who noted the patient’s diabetic condition, they were able to recommend a more full eye exam to further assess the patient’s diabetic retinopathy. Research written on telemedicine developments in eye care has noted the efficiency and the benefits of quick vision exams such as Smart Vision Lab’s to detect these changes. In a research article published by Li et. al in Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, they note how this technology is key to these frequent check-ups, keeping the patient from seeking out expensive expert help unless absolutely necessary, as shown in the results. 

Telemedicine Around the World

screen-shot-2021-02-23-at-5-41-05-pmThis type of practice is already being administered in other parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, they follow a model where diabetic patients can be seen at screening centers. There, images/exams are administered by trained graders, which are then overseen by a consultant ophthalmologist.
Smart Vision Labs follows a similar structure, where we train you to administer the exam (no prior medical experience required) and our team of doctors review the results. Smart Vision Labs is the easy and quick medical device that helps keep your patients healthy and satisfied, all while remaining cost effective for them as well.