Enjoy the webinar Serving Patients From Anywhere with Onsight Vision

About Ben Krysiak

Co-Founder and President of OnSight Vision:

Ben Krysiak is an innovator with more than 18 years of experience in the technology, internet, software, medical devices, healthcare, and materials industries. His roles have included sales, business and product development, strategy, and research. Ben has held leadership positions at Quantum Health, Archmore Capital, White Crest Developers, and Callfinity and has launched new products and services for several early stage companies. Ben holds a BS in Business Management from Cornell and enjoys playing golf, basketball, tennis, and platform tennis.

In this webinar, Ben talks about some of the benefits of having a mobile eye care company, and the ways in which OnSight Vision serves its partners.Tune in.

  • Gains in productivity for the workers
  • No Travel, No Hassle, Easier Than Making Toast
  • Win for Human Resources Departments
  • Most insurances are welcomed
  • Detecting uncaught refractive errors at the places of employment

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