How you can change your store model to safely administer vision exams during COVID-19

Learn how to adapt your store model to keep your staff and customers safe. We spoke with Lumos Optical to hear about the steps they’re taking to safely provide vision exams. 

Many small businesses around the country have been struggling with reopening their stores safely and avoiding overcrowded their shops. For glasses stores and optometrist practices, this can be especially hard to navigate because of up close vision exams and glasses frames tried on by many different customers.

Lumos Optical had their grand opening on May 1st when the country was seeing COVID-19 cases back on the rise. Despite their unconventional opening, vision exams have become their most popular service. They’ve created a store model that allows them to keep selling while keeping their staff and customers safe. 

Safety Practices – Introducing the Appointment Based Model

To help handle their popularity, Lumos has been taking extra steps to ensure they’re staying safe. In addition to requiring masks and wiping down all glasses between use, they’ve decided to introduce an appointment-based model to their store

“We’ve had to adapt our business model because of COVID,” Lumos said. “We are appointment-based only instead of being open to the public. This allows us to clean and sanitize between each visit.”

Requiring appointments can help reduce crowded stores and give customers the peace of mind when shopping in person.

Lumos Optical and Smart Vision Labs

The store owners chose to integrate the SVOne into their business model early on. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to integrate Smart Vision Labs,” they said. With Smart Vision Exams, Lumos Optical has seen increases in sales and become a one-stop glasses destination.

For many doctor’s offices, COVID-19 has created an appointment backlog and patients are less likely want in-person exams. The SVOne allows stores to help customers to renew prescriptions quickly and safely. “We didn’t know how popular the Smart Vision Exam was going to be. During our first month, we realized that the majority of appointments made were for vision exams. We saw an overwhelming number of appointments for the vision exam for people coming out of quarantine.”

Learn more about integrating Smart Vision Exams into your store and contact us find out more how the SVOne can help you increase vision exams and sales during COVID-19.