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Are You Ready for Ocular Telemedicine?

And by “you,” that means your company. Have you ever sat down and wondered if your business is reaching all the people it should be? Do you think you can provide better service to the patients who do come to you for eye care? Maybe you’re looking to differentiate your vision service in a busy market?

Offering ocular telemedicine can answer all of those questions.

Want to Reach More Patients?

Eye care telemedicine can serve people unable to physically get to your office (such as if they are disabled or live far away). Maybe your business itself is located out in the middle of nowhere because your mission statement is that everyone should have access to quality vision care, not just those in major cities. Virtual visits enable you to interact with people who aren’t in the same room (or building or city) as you. Connecting them with an eye care telemedicine service creates access to many more doctors. Before they might have only seen their local practitioner but ocular telemedicine services will connect them with qualified doctors from even around the world.

Many average working people like vision telemedicine as well, simply for the convenience. Some people may want to visit your office but cite time constraints, whether they are running a business themselves or are a parent with a full schedule of after-school activities to attend. Eye care telemedicine might be the thing which makes them choose your business over the one a few blocks over or is the deciding push they need to get their vision checked at all.

Adding vision telemedicine tells people that your office is up-to-date enough to know about the current technologies and tech-savvy enough to put them into practice. New potential patients inspecting your business for the first time don’t have much to go on outside your website and maybe some reviews. Listing ocular telemedicine as something you offer sets you apart while placing you at the forefront of this technology.

Want to Improve Your Standing with Current Clients?

Letting people opt for ocular telemedicine rather than a traditional office visit will reduce your office wait times for your in-person clients. Utilizing a vision telemedicine service will also open up access to more doctors for your patients to choose from, including specialists and physicians outside of the immediate geographic location.

What’s in it For You?
Is You Business Ready for Ocular Telemedicine? Smart Vision Labs can help you increase capture rates and sales

The quick answer is an investment that is both tech-savvy and financially sound. Yes, on its own, being the only shop on the block (literally?) that offers ocular telemedicine will work to put your business high on people’s list when looking for eye care. But it provides some actual (read: financial) benefits to you as well. Right now, you probably have a few people who call you up to ask questions about their vision or to refill their prescriptions. It might be more if you work in a rural area or serve a lot of people.

As you’re aware, these “quick” calls and emails quickly add up and chip away at your billable hours, which are your livelihood. Sounds like a job for telemedicine! By offering eye care telemedicine to your patients with questions or refills or questions about refills, you turn these situations which previously reduced your income into virtual visits. Your valuable time is paid for and your patients are cared for. Win-win!

Is your business ready for ocular telemedicine? If you nodded your head at least once while reading this article, then the answer is yes.

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