“Eye” Love Movies!

Do you ever feel that there are eyes all around you? Are they watching you or are you watching them? If an eye blinks in the forest and no one is around, is that called an invisible blink? Does someone have to see your eyes so your eyes can see?


If you happen to be a Hollywood producer, these questions make perfect sense. And they may even be the idea behind yet another movie named after the eye. Did you know that many film titles have the word “eye” in them? Let’s take a look.

Kinds of Eyes

Movies have been made about all kinds of eyes.


Starry Eyes is a horror film about a young woman suffering from trichotillomania, or hair pulling. She desperately wants to become a famous actress so she makes a deal with the devil. You probably don’t even need to have your eyes open to know how this turns out. In fact, you may want to shut your eyes if you don’t like gore.


Snake Eyes is a thriller that didn’t have much luck at the box office even with Nicolas Cage in the starring role. The plot has some of the usual characteristics of this genre, like a murder conspiracy, a shady police detective, and a casino, but the action didn’t widen the eyes of moviegoers in shock.




Angel Eyes literally soared above these movies with a better plot, memorable music score, and outstanding acting. It’s about a mysterious man who develops a relationship with a female police officer. Each of them has trauma from their past that they deal with together. Moviegoers definitely had a tear or two coming from their own eyes.

Location of Eyes

If you thought movies only dealt with eyes that are set in the head, then you are wrong. According to Hollywood, eyes can be in the sky or in the hills.

eye_in_the_sky_2015_film_poster Eye in the Sky is a thriller about drone warfare. Realistic enough to be scary, this film had people widening their eyes in fear.

The Hills Have Eyes is at the other end of reality. This is a horror movie about murderous mutants. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye open in case you see a pack of them coming at you.

Whose Eyes?

Movie titles have featured eyes by a stranger and a mother. And these films are eye-opening, as in shocking. You may want to hold off on eating popcorn.

91xea44p0kl-_sy445_ The Eyes of My MotherThe Eyes of My Mother is not for the faint of heart. It’s considered arthouse horror and is not a my-mother’s-eyes-love-me kind of movie.

Eyes of a Stranger is a slasher film that may make moviegoers hesitate about leaving their seats to go to the bathroom.



So What’s the Deal with Movies and Eyes?

If this was a mathematical equation, the answer would be movies plus eyes equals an audience. But there is more to it than that. Merely watching a movie doesn’t make it great; moviegoers have to use more than the physical aspects of their eyes.

Our eyes take in light through the pupils, which passes through the lens, and focuses on the retina. This travels as an electrical impulse to the brain through the optic nerve which forms the image in our brain.

All of that happens on a physical level when you watch a movie, but your eyes need to express something. Like fear or surprise or sadness with a tear trickling down your cheek.

So, if a movie has “eyes” in the title, it may give you an eye-opening, eye-shuddering, or eye-can’t-believe-it experience. Or you might just shut your eyes and wait for the lights to come back on in the theater.

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