Clean Your Eyeglasses – the Right Way

Prescription glasses are very easy to clean. You just take them off and wipe them on your shirt and…

Nope. Stop right there. There is a correct way to clean your eyeglasses and using your clothing is not part of it. That piece of dust you’re attempting to wipe off might be a piece of debris that will scratch your lenses and send you off to get them repaired.

Although glasses might seem like an accessory, they are actually a medical device meant to perform a function for you. As you rely on them to correct your vision, you should learn how to care for and clean them off without damaging them.

First off, your hands should be clean. If you’ve ever tried to wipe a small speck of dust off your lenses right after eating some buttery popcorn at the movies, you know how important this step is. Without clean fingers, you’ll take off a pair of glasses with a small piece of dust on the lens and put on lenses blurry with smudges.

The next step is to rinse your glasses off. Set the water to run lukewarm because heat can damage certain lens coatings. Even if only the lenses are dirty, you should take the opportunity while they’re under the faucet to wash the entire frame.

Next, add a tiny bit of soap to your lenses and frames. Use regular dish soap without any added moisturizers for your hands. Spread the soap all around the glasses. Clean not just the lenses, but the nose pads, arms, and area where the lenses rest in the frame.

Finally, rinse your frames to remove any soap residue. Leftover soap will cause streaks and splotches when you go to dry your glasses off. Soapy smudges aren’t any less bothersome than ones caused by buttered popcorn and your glasses won’t work properly in the presence of either.

To dry your glasses, start by carefully shaking them to get the large droplets of water off. Then rub them gently with a soft, clean, lint-free towel that hasn’t been put in the laundry. If the towel isn’t perfectly clean from things like skin oils, lotions, or fabric softener, it might create more smudges on your clean lenses.

Obviously, you’re not going to have access to a sink all the time. How can you clean your eyeglasses then? If you’re travelling, you should have an eyeglass lens cleaning spray (or pre-moistened wipes) and a microfiber towel. Gently blow on the lenses to remove any surface debris. Once the potentially damaging particles are out of the way, spray your cleaner or use your wipe to clean off the lenses. Use the microfiber cloth to dry them.

If your lenses have a coating, like anti-reflective, make sure your chosen spray or wipe is okay to use on them. Some coatings can be damaged by cleaners so it is important to read the label and choose the right one for your lenses.

The final thing you should have on hand for your newly-clean glasses is their case. If you don’t need your glasses full-time, your case should be nearby when you remove them. If they are protected by the case, they cannot be scratched by random debris or get accidentally pushed off the table you set them on. If you do wear glasses all the time, they should still rest in their case when you go to sleep.

Cleaning your eyeglasses is not only simple, it’s a practical way to keep them looking their best so you can see your best.

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