Meet Eye Go Optical

Eye Go Optical is an optometrist based out of Brooklyn, NY. In addition to selling glasses at their store, they provide both comprehensive full eye exams to interested patients as well as Smart Vision Lab’s shorter vision exams with the help of the SVOne. We interviewed them to hear about how they integrated the SVOne into their business model and how they spread the word about Smart Vision to their customers. 

How to integrate the SVOne into your business

The SVOne is a versatile instrument that can be integrated into your store—whether you’re selling glasses, providing eye care to patients, or fulfilling any of your other customers’ eye related needs. The product is designed to be integrated into various different business models, and can help facilitate the process of renewing glasses and contact prescriptions for both when you do and don’t have a doctor in house. 

Eye Go Optical uses the SVOne as a complement to their existing store model, and uses our machine as a way to fill in when the doctor is out of the office. Their trained store practitioners can operate the SVOne easily, with the help of Smart Vision’s customer support team and training, and can provide accurate results for patients who need a quick vision exam. They use the machine as a way to also redirect traffic during busy days, and if the doctor is busy, the SVOne can be used for customers who are looking for a less comprehensive exam, allowing them to deploy the machine in various different scenarios. 

Spreading the word: Marketing Tips

Sharing the news with your customer about a new addition to your store can be difficult, whether you’re concerned about reaching either new or existing customers. For Eye Go Optical, word of mouth was the most effective way to share updates about their store. When speaking more, Trish also added, “When people are calling for an appointment, we introduce [Smart Vision Exams] to them.” 

In addition to spreading the word, it’s important to make sure that your website has the most up to date information about Smart Vision Exams so newcomers can understand how these exams might fit into their visit next time. Other effective ways to spread the word include texts and email blasts to existing customers so they’re aware of any new changes to your store!

Selling to Skeptics

Trish’s greatest tip for selling Smart Vision Exams to customers is to know the product and be able to explain it to them in simple terms. 

“You have to sell it and be able to comfortably word what it is to your patients,” Trish said when asked about speaking to skeptics.

“For most people, all they really need is to replace their glasses,” she said of her own experience. Further asking your patients why they’re coming into your store can help you introduce them to the SVOne and help them understand whether or not they need a fully comprehensive exam for this visit.i