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It’s almost time to say hello to 2017. Everyone likes to use the energy from ushering in the new year to get some personal goals accomplished. Starting a new hobby, saving more money, and enjoying family and friends are some of the most common ways people try to improve their lives starting January 1st.

Consistently, some of the most popular new year’s resolutions all have to do with fitness. Whether it is staying healthy, getting into shape, or starting a brand new diet, people promise to treat their bodies to a gym membership and green smoothies in the new year.

But losing weight or hitting the gym all come with visible physical benefits (like looking good on the beach in the summertime). How about starting some health goals that no one can see the effects from but you? Taking care of your vision isn’t as popular as building muscle tone, but it is just as, if not more, important to your well being.

Get a vision exam” or “Visit the eye doctor” may not be the most fun New Year’s resolutions, but they might be some of the most important ones you commit to.

Here are some new year’s resolutions for your eyes you might make alongside your diet or exercise goals.

Get a Vision Exam
You can’t fix a problem you can’t see, unless “can’t see” is the problem. In this case, a vision exam should be your first step when crossing off your eye-related resolutions. About 75 percent of Americans need some type of vision correction so you are far from alone. Thanks to advances in technology, vision exams are quick to schedule and easy to complete. Don’t make the same excuses for your poor vision that you did last year.

See Your Eye Doctor
Even when your vision is great, you also might want to pay your eye doctor a visit. If it has been more than 2 years since you last had a checkup, you’re definitely due to give them a call. Perhaps your vision exam showed you needed prescription correction. A trip to your ophthalmologist can make sure it wasn’t caused by an underlying medical condition (and help you with treatment if it was).

Try Some Prescription Sunglasses
By the time summer comes around, you should have both a toned body and a new prescription for glasses or contacts. Before you get to work on your tan, however, you need to make sure your eyes are protected from UV rays you’re exposed to while lounging out in the sun. Picking out a pair of prescription sunglasses is a nice way to accomplish your eye health resolution.

Diet and Exercise
Did you know the most popular new year’s resolution is also good for your eyes? Keeping your body in good shape and eating a balanced diet benefits your body and your eyes. The dark, leafy greens which make up your lunchtime salad are healthy for both your waistline and your retina. Many eye issues come from an overall health concern, like vision loss from diabetes. Regular exercise keeps your whole body in good shape and is linked to lower occurrences of vision problems, like glaucoma.

As you write your resolutions, don’t forget to keep your eyesight goals in sight.

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