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Are you putting off a vision exam because you don’t want the hassle of scheduling an appointment? Do you hate sitting around in the waiting room reading old copies of Newsweek and wondering what’s taking so long for your turn to see the doctor? Or maybe you just don’t like the whole process of having your vision examined. If you nodded your head at any of these objections, maybe you should see the new look of vision exams.

No Appointment Necessary

If you visit one of the Smart Vision Exams providers you do not need to make an appointment. That’s because this technology is designed around two important principles:

  • Your time is important.
  • Vision exams are important.

When you put those two ideas together, you have the face of the future: you can get your vision checked when you have time without having to juggle or rearrange other commitments.

A 5-Minute Vision Exam

Yes, the exam takes about five minutes. This is possible because of the technology used. Efficiency and accuracy are built into the 5-minute vision exam*. It starts by asking you a few simple questions about your eyes and general health. Then, your eyes will be scanned using the same type of technology designed for LASIK procedures.

Photos of your eyes will be taken to generate data on nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism issues you may have. All of this information from this exam will be reviewed by a licensed doctor who will email you the results within 24 hours.

The total time for all of this is about 5 minutes.

The benefit from this 5-minute exam lasts a lot longer.  These few minutes of your time can benefit you every day thereafter allowing you to see clearly.

Vision Exams are Not Invasive

If you are putting off a vision exam because you don’t feel comfortable with the process, visit a provider for a 5-minute vision exam. This requires you to answer a few questions and to have your eyes scanned and photographed. The technology used is able to accurately examine your eyes and collect all the necessary data required to determine your glasses prescription.

This information is then sent to a qualified and licensed eye doctor who will review the data and write a prescription for glasses if needed. You will have the results of your exam in 24 hours and conveniently sent to your email.

Smart Vision Labs has listened to the objections of people who put off having a vision exam and have made the entire process easy and accurate. If you are reluctant to having your eyes checked because you find it hard to make an appointment, or you feel uncomfortable with a long procedure staring at eye charts on a wall, consider visiting a provider offering Smart Vision Exams.

The future of the vision exam is just 5 minutes away.

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*The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years.

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