Vision Care for School Children in Omaha

This week Verizon launched its See Better = Learn Better Mobile Vision Program between Smart Vision Labs, OneSight and SUNY Optometry to provide free vision care for school children children across Omaha. The program will roll out to several more...

Sports Vision Care and Athletic Success

In baseball, hitters are said to have a ‘good eye’ when they can distinguish between balls and strikes better than average. A ‘good eye’, though, is associated more with good judgment and restraint than with excellent vision. Sports vision care is...

Telemedicine at Smart Vision Labs

Dr. Aaron Lech talks SVOne portable autorefractor, telemedicine, and its global applications

Dr. Aaron Lech recently spoke with Primary Care Optometry News at Vision Expo East about the applications of the SVOne locally and abroad. “The technology and platform of the SVOne autorefractor allows us to push the envelope in patient care with its...

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a year of many firsts for Smart Vision Labs. We have grown and learned a lot along the way. Below are just some of the highlights of 2015. Thanks to those who joined and us and contributed to this journey to provide vision care to the world!

mobile wavefront autorefractor by Smart Vision Labs

Opportunity Tip: Mobile Optometry Practices for Nursing Homes

Very few nursing home residents receive the eye care they need. Enterprising optometrists are able to provide eye care to this group by leveraging mobile optometry equipment.

Self-Guided Vision Exams have Arrived

Smart Vision Labs is excited to announce the release of two revolutionary new products. Read on for a note from Smart Vision Labs CEO & Co-founder with further details.

In the Field with Dr. Tracy Matchinski

Dr. Tracy Matchinski, optometrist at the Chicago Lighthouse and faculty at Illinois College of Optometry, traveled to Ecuador this winter. She went with a collaborative group of VOSH, SVOSH, and Rotary volunteers to provide vision care, autorefraction and...

“Maracuyá!” In the Field with Gretchen Arneson

Read a first-hand account of how the SVOne helped a third year optometry student bring vision access to an underserved community in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

New Year, Renewed Mission

After a frenzied holiday season many of our partners are taking this time to give back on service trips. The SVOne handheld autorefractor lightens to load of vision care providers around the world by easing transport and streamlining the vision screening...

Case Study: The Importance of School Vision Screenings

In the fall of 2015, Dr. Huy Tran and Maya Major of Smart Vision Labs screened 316 students over two days at Tuckahoe Commons Schools in Southampton, Long Island. The students participating in the school vision screening (most who had not gone to the eye...

SVL Impact: Glasses provide 16-year-old Guatemalan with another chance at an education

Soluciones Comunitarias, a Smart Vision Labs strategic partner, recently held a vision campaign with the SVOne autorefractor in the small, rural town of Malacatancito, Guatemala.

The SVOne: Empowering Access to Glasses through Social Enterprise (Part I)

There are hundreds of millions of children, youth, and adults throughout the developing world who suffer from refractive errors. The social enterprise model can help mitigate this problem, and holds other benefits.