SVL Impact: Glasses provide 16-year-old Guatemalan with another chance at an education

Soluciones Comunitarias, a Smart Vision Labs strategic partner, recently held a vision campaign with the SVOne autorefractor in the small, rural town of Malacatancito, Guatemala.

The SVOne: Empowering Access to Glasses through Social Enterprise (Part I)

There are hundreds of millions of children, youth, and adults throughout the developing world who suffer from refractive errors. The social enterprise model can help mitigate this problem, and holds other benefits.

The SVOne: Empowering Access to Glasses through Social Enterprise (Part II)

Smart Vision Labs launch partner Community Enterprise Solutions and its social enterprise field partner Soluciones Comunitarias are proving the success and impact of the social enterprise model in both Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

3…2…1… and the SVOne Launch is a Go!

Smart Vision Labs is thrilled to announce that our new autorefraction technology, the SVOne smartphone autorefractor has shipped. The first units are making their way to optometrists and ophthalmologists across North America.

The SVOne in Oaxaca: High performance, no lugging required

The SVOne has to be easy and accurate for ODs to choose our device to take with their team a mission in the developing world. And, although we know from our own testing that the SVOne is extremely accurate, we also recognize it is important for people...

Portable Autorefractor Makes Getting Glasses in Haiti a Breeze

We created the revolutionary SVOne smartphone-based portable autorefractor not just to diagnose vision problems, but also to grow access to vision care for those in need around the world.

SVL Launches Portable Autorefractor in Guatemala

This weekend, we launched a social enterprise program in Central America. We introduced the SVOne, our portable autorefractor, with our Guatemalan Launch Partner Soluciones Comunitarias (SolCom).