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Having vision insurance and having regular vision exams is not the same thing. A recent study revealed that only 37.3% of employees with vision insurance actually used it during a 2-year period. While this may seem like a personal decision made by employees, consider the cost generated in the workplace by vision problems.

  • 60 hours of productivity are lost each year because of eye-focusing issues
  • $22 billion is lost annually in the United States from uncorrected vision
  • 79 percent of employees suffer from at least one daily vision disturbance at work

Even though vision-related problems can cause a deficit in businesses, there is a way for employers to address this situation and to better the eye health of those who work for them.

As every successful business owner or CEO understands: find out the objections your customers have concerning a product or service and give them assurance in those areas. Employees routinely provide two reasons for not scheduling regular vision exams:

  • They’re time-consuming
  • They are not convenient.

Ironically, many people find these appointments conflict with their work schedule and they need to either take time off or use their lunch hour.

Corporate Vision Screening are both convenient and time-effective for employees. The added benefit is having a workforce that can be more productive because of a decrease in vision-related disturbances like eye strain and resulting headaches.

These wellness clinics are easy to set up and are looked upon very favorably by employees. Besides the convenience of having vision exams in the workplace, most people appreciate the supportive environment of a company that cares for them.

Key Points of a Corporate Vision Screening

  • All you need is a conference room at least 10 feet in length and a table for signing in.
  • Employees can schedule a time through an online portal.
  • The vision exam takes less than 10 minutes.
  • If a prescription is needed for corrective lenses or contacts, it’s emailed to the employee the same day.

Key Benefits of a Corporate Vision Screening

  • Gives employees a convenient way to have a vision exam.
  • Provides education about eye health
  • Can address vision-related problems by generating a prescription for corrective lenses
  • Smart Vision Labs partners with companies who sell frames to offer discounted rates to those who attend the vision screening.
  • Discusses preventative methods of minimizing eye strain and the possible resulting headaches.

Both employers and employees have praised corporate vision screenings. On the employer side, it’s a way to promote eye health within the company. The statistics from recent screenings have revealed that about one-fourth of the participants had a visual acuity of 20/40 or worse and over one-half of that group had never received a prescription for corrective lenses. With the increasing use of computers and digital devices in the workplace, maintaining eye health is mandatory to properly use this technology. Vision issues, like dry eye, fatigue, or headaches from eye strain, can be significantly minimized or even eliminated.

On the employee side, almost every participant left the screening more knowledgeable about how to maintain eye health. Additionally, vision exams can help uncover refractive errors and address them. Overall, this contributes to, not only productivity in the work place, but to the employee’s positive view of the company as well.

Corporate Vision Screenings are a win-win for every company and business; it’s a convenient and accurate way put stock in your employees’ health while everyone reaps the benefits.

Learn how you can offer Smart Vision Exams at your company.

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