6 Ways Vision Problems Can Hurt Your Employees Performance

“6 Unexpected Ways Eye Problems Can Hurt You,” an article that Nancie George wrote for EverydayHealth.com, reports that even modest problems in six critical vision areas can have surprisingly devastating effects on people who suffer from them.

And if the people who are suffering from them happen to be your employees, the result could be not only harm to them, but damage to your organization’s effectiveness, profitability, immunity from legal risk, and much more.

Here are the six critical problem areas that Ms. George writes about.

Risk of Death
Ms. George cites a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which found that people whose vision impedes their ability to perform routine tasks like using the phone or shopping have a 31% greater risk of dying within the next eight years than do people without those vision problems. A 31% greater risk of dying? That’s a startling statistic.

A Risk of Other Health Problems
Diabetes, hypertension, an impending stroke and other health problems are often identified during routine eye exams. Without exams, those serious – and costly – problems might be overlooked.

Ms. George points to the 2013 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which found that adults with vision loss are 90% more likely to be depressed . . . and that 10% of people who are living with vision loss experience major depression. The message is that simple vision tests can have a strong impact on your employees’ happiness and mental health. 

Several studies have determined that among older adults especially, vision problems are strongly linked to anxiety and a poorer quality of life. 

A Tendency to Experience Falls
A study in 2007 determined that individuals who have limited peripheral vision are more likely to experience falls. It’s a problem that is especially likely to occur as people age. Whether you employ an older workforce or not, it’s another compelling reason to include vision exams in your employee wellness program. 

Glaucoma and Car Accidents
According to a study conducted in 2012, people with undiagnosed glaucoma are twice as likely to have car accidents than other people do. And it is a condition that can be routinely diagnosed during low-cost vision exams and then treated. 

The Message?
Because simple eye exams can have big effects on employee wellness and productivity, they should be part of your employee wellness program.


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