Introducing the Socially Distanced Vision Exam

Smart Vision Exams are an easy addition to any glasses store to make your shop a one-stop destination. We spoke with Salem Opticals in North Carolina to get tips on operating your business during COVID-19 and how Smart Vision Exams have been helping them to drive up business and increase vision exams.

COVID-19 has been hitting small businesses across the country, with an average of 31.4% of business owners saying it will be six months before things go back to normal. But some Smart Vision users have been able to make lemonade out of lemons and have been seeing their number of vision exams go up since reopening. 

For Salem Opticals in North Carolina, they’ve seen a huge surge in exams since reopening. “Doctors have backlogs for anywhere up to four months now because of COVID,” the store owner said. “With the SVOne, we’ve been able to take in more customers with the quick service. Before we were only doing 1-2 vision exams per day. Now, we have anywhere between 8-12.”

Working long days from home can mean staring at the computer screen for up to eight hours everyday. Glasses wearers looking to renew their prescriptions find themselves waiting anywhere from a month upwards to schedule an appointment. With the SVOne, your store can become a one-stop destination where customers can get their prescription renewed and snag a new pair of glasses—all in one day! 

Safety Tips for Your Store

Salem Opticals also shared some of their tips for operating safely during the pandemic:

  1. Make sure to follow all CDC guidelines and local/state regulations.
  2. Follow social distancing recommendations and ask that all your customers and staff wear masks indoors!
  3. Disinfect all equipment (including the SVOne!) as well as all frames that customers try on and touch to keep down the chances of the spread of infection!

Integrate the SVOne today and start administering Smart Vision Exams in your store. “People are open and responsive to Smart Vision exams because they’re short and not in your face. Customers always come out happy.”