How the SVOne is detecting Anisometropia & Keratoconus with remote Wavefront Aberrometry.

Figure: OS Wavefront Map from SVOne

Detecting Anisometropia & Keratoconus with Wavefront Aberrometry

SVOne wavefront refraction technology has the ability to detect signs of Keratoconus and Anisometropia. In this case, we demonstrate how our optometrists/ophthalmologists use Smart Vision Labs’ telemedicine platform to detect signs of Anisometropia and send the patient for a comprehensive eye exam referral.

The patient is a younger person in her twenties visiting one of SVL’s partner eyewear retail locations during December, 2017. Patient went through the wavefront refraction test, and the data was reviewed by a license optometrist. The doctor referred the patient for Anisometropia evaluation. There are 3 data points standing out about the patient.

  1. OS has significant higher cylinder term than that of OD.
  2. Both Keratoconus and Anisometropia are possibilities to explain the high cylinder in OS.
  3. After reviewing OS wavefront map, doctor didn’t find significant coma in OS. Doctor referred the patient for Anisometropia evaluation.

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