There are certain things that people don’t want when they get a vision exam. Thanks to technology, they may never have to get those things.

Thanks to Telemedicine

If you have had any recent visits to a doctor, urgent care center, or an optometrist, you have already experienced telemedicine. Through the use of technology, healthcare professionals can diagnose and even treat medical conditions at a distance.

At first, this was a way for people in rural areas to “see” a doctor or specialist without having to travel long distances. However, telemedicine has become a great benefit to everyone everywhere.

This has been especially true when it relates to vision exams. Telemedicine has virtually (sorry for the pun!) eliminated many of the objections that keep people from having regular exams.

You Don’t Have To

Technology has changed the “eye don’t want to” into “you don’t have to” by eliminating many of the negatives surrounding a vision exam.

Scheduling is probably the first hurdle you may face. It’s hard to find a time and day to go for a vision exam when work, school, or other important obligations may need to take precedence. With telemedicine, walk-in exams are possible at many optical locations. This is because the test is done using technology and the data sent electronically to a licensed eye doctor to evaluate.

The vision test involves taking photographs of the eyes which captures how light travels through the eye. Where and how the light is focused in the eye will be analyzed and reviewed by an ophthalmologist. A prescription will be issued, if needed, and this can be sent electronically to a person’s email.

This type of exam also provides the second “you don’t have to” moment: no long exams. If you have 5 minutes, you can get your vision checked. A Smart Vision Exam will include scanning your eyes with the same type of technology that is used in LASIK procedures. A doctor will receive this data electronically and analyze it. You do not have to wait around for a diagnosis or prescription; both of these will show up in your email’s inbox.

Not Sci-Fi—Just Good Old Wifi

Perhaps a novelist could have envisioned telemedicine and written a story about it. At first glance, the idea of getting a vision exam without ‘seeing’ an eye doctor seems like science fiction. But we have all seen the marvels of technology.

The electronic scan of your eyes will generate data that will give an eye doctor the necessary information to assess your vision and to determine if corrective lenses are needed.

You would have the ease of not having to schedule an appointment and to not have to endure a long and sometimes tedious eye exam. Research has proven that the best way to take care of your eyes is to have regular vision exams and you don’t have to sacrifice time to do this.

Technology has made this very easy as well as accurate. The scans and photographs taken of your eyes provide doctors with a high level of comprehensive data.

“See” the benefits of telemedicine for vision exams and take your “eye don’t want to” and make it a “eye I am convinced” moment.

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