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“Which is better, one or two? One, or two.”

Many people fear this part of visiting their eye doctor. Thoughts race through their mind. “Is my vision getting worse?” “They look the same.” “What if I choose the wrong one?” “Oh, that definitely was not the letter Q.”

Anxiety over the eye test itself is another reason people put off getting a vision exam. However, vision tests are important to make sure you have the best eyesight possible. Glasses are a much better look than squinting (not to mention much safer as well). Many people are also walking around with poor vision without even realizing it!

The whole “one or two” part of an exam is actually a refraction test, also called a vision test. It is checking if the person has normal 20/20 vision. If the exam shows they don’t, it will determine the type and strength of the prescription lenses the person should be wearing. Since it is such an important test, it is understandable why it makes people nervous about picking one or two.

But for these people, the 5-minute Smart Vision Exam is perfect. At every step of the way, it does something to take the worrying out of the process of getting a vision test.

The whole thing takes only 5 minutes and you don’t even need an appointment. No worrying about trying to juggle a busy schedule around to get your vision checked. Just step into the nearest optical store hosting a Smart Vision Exam the next time you pass by.

As for the test itself, you are asked a few quick questions about your eyes and health history, which you probably just answered in your head as you read this. Next up is a scan of your eyes using wavefront technology, the same kind of thing which makes LASIK surgery happen. This might sound complicated but all you have to do is find a red light with your eyes. The last part of the exam takes some pictures of your eyes. And that is the test!

The technology does the work so there is no wondering if you chose the “right” answer. And no, you don’t have to worry about the exam getting your test results wrong either. All the information is sent to a licensed ophthalmologist who will let you know if you need a prescription for lenses within 24 hours. After you get your results, you will know if your eyesight is perfect or if you have trouble seeing near objects, far objects, or both.

If your vision was good, that’s all there is to it. If it wasn’t as good as it could be, you get a secure online login which holds your prescription. You can then take your time picking out frames that suit your style and budget from wherever you like.

Actually, with a Smart Vision Exam, the only time “one, or two” gets asked is by you — when you’re asking family and friends which new pair of glasses looks best on you.

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