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The Smart Vision Labs mission is to improve life by providing convenient vision exams to anyone, regardless of locations. It could be someone living in the New York City, or someone living the rural village of India. In the former case, we are providing the “5-minute vision test” , in the latter case, we are providing an accessible vision test with our mobile refraction device, by working with eye healthcare professionals.

The reason we can make our service available as a global solution, is due to the leverage and power of smartphone connectivity, computation power, and imaging ability. We packed several eye measurements into one device, and allow eye healthcare professionals to access those measurement data points though the cloud at remote locations.

Smart Vision Labs Measures Visual Acuity, Pupillary Distance, and Refraction Error.Data collected: Visual Acuity (corrected vision if patients wear prescription, uncorrected vision if patients don’t wear corrective lenses), Pupillary Distance, and Refraction Error.

Target Audience: Health adults between ages 18 and 60, without known history of ophthalmic pathology.

We not only provide the most convenient vision test for eyeglass prescriptions, but use this opportunity to educate the public about eye health through our process. The following examples are real patients.

The first patient is a young healthy 18 years old without any known pathology problem with her eyes. She is hoping to get her first pair eyeglasses at Visual Optique, one of our partner stores in NYC which offers Smart Vision Exams. In the exam notes, the store operator recorded that patient has dry eye and occasional headaches. When these data points were reviewed by Smart Vision Eye Doctors, they made the correct judgement by referring her to see an eye doctor for a dilated eye exam. Although she did not get her vision corrected, she received valuable information on her eye health and actionable instruction.

Smart Vision Labs refers customers for full eye health exam based on data points collectedThe key step in the above case is the exam notes. Since our distribution channel is through traditional optical stores,  patients actually have a chance to express their concern and observation, and the information is collected through experienced opticians or technicians.

The 2nd case is a 48 years old came to our office for renewing an eyeglass prescription. She has a history of diabetes and hypertension. Instead of adjusting her existing prescription, our eye doctor decided to refer her to see a specialist for a dilated eye exam.

Eye Health and Smart Vision ExamsThe Smart Vision Exams process is designed by eye doctors and used by eye doctors. We believe not only can we can help more people gain access to vision correction, but also educate and inform our patient base about eye health issues.

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