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Dangers to Your Eyes?

If you’re a makeup lover, you’ve spent time admiring how the shimmery eyeshadow looks great on you. But have you wondered how it affects your eyelids? Maybe you shrugged that thought off as you put your makeup kit away and walked out the door.

Fear not, though. Maintaining both your eye health and your makeup routine is way easier than getting that winged eyeliner just right. And no, you don’t have to watch a bunch of tutorials or put your makeup away to do it.

Preventing Dangers to Your Eyes

The most important thing you can do to keep your eyes both healthy and beautiful is to take your makeup off. . . when you’re done with it. Eye makeup that isn’t removed thoroughly before bed can build up and irritate your eyes. This is especially important to remember for contact lens users. Follow the directions on your makeup for removal. Most cosmetics are cleaned off with either soap and water or makeup remover. Be gentle as you wash it off. The skin around your eyes is sensitive and harsh cleaning could also cause irritation or push the makeup into your eyes and hurt them.

Next, keep your makeup clean. Many cosmetics have a certain length of time before they should be replaced. As a general rule, liquid products will “expire” after a shorter period of use. Powders and pencil eyeliner will last for up to two years. However, mascara and eyeliner (liquid or gel) should be replaced every three months. You should also avoid using eye makeup if you have an eye infection as this can spread it to your other eye as well as contaminate your products.

You don’t want to use dirty brushes and sponges on your fresh makeup so they need a cleaning too. Keeping your brushes clean prevents them from building up bacteria from normal use. This bacteria can be transferred to your face as you apply your morning makeup and irritate your skin. This is especially important for brushes that are used for liquid or cream cosmetics. As a bonus, practicing good brush care will keep them in working order longer.

As for sponges, certain types that are washed after every use can last for a few weeks. Most, however, are meant to be disposable and should be discarded after one application. If you need more incentive to maintain your makeup applicators, for both brushes and sponges, keeping them fresh and clean will allow for smoother, more even makeup application.

Ready to put that glittery eyeshadow on now? Almost. Speaking of that, shimmery or glittery eyeshadow is one particular item that you should be careful using. The tiny particles that make the eyeshadow sparkle can also get into your eye. They may cause eye irritation or they can scratch your cornea which can lead to an infection. This is especially important for people with sensitive eyes and those who use contact lenses. If you’re one of those, consider getting your outfit’s sparkle from your jewelry instead of your makeup.

So now that you know how to check up on your makeup, go and make your eyes beautiful.

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