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Taking Autorefractors Beyond The Clinic

According to the WHO, 246 million people around the world have low vision. 90% of those people happen to live in developing nations and in other low-income situations. Now absorb another statistic: 700 million people around the world do not have access to vision care. Now, what if there was a technology to continuously reduce that number? Since you are on this page, I think you already know the answer.

The wavefront technology behind the Smart Vision Labs portable autorefractor has actually existed for a while now. However, it has never been easier to prescribe people, and practice eye care, thanks to our compact and lightweight optometry equipment. We have essentially enabled optometrists and doctors to go beyond the clinical practice. The following are some situations where our technology has been utilized.

Optometry Practices

The first one is obvious. Our partner optometrists have done amazing things using our technology. Our partners attribute their purchase decisions to the accuracy, efficiency, speed, portability, and affordability of our product. They applaud how it has streamlined the refraction process while producing accurate objective refraction data.

One of our partners, Tony Prasnikar OD, had the following to say:

“The SVOne has been in place only a short time and already patients are talking about it. Also, patients are finding this refraction process much more comfortable and enjoyable. Happy patients make for a healthy practice.”

Eye care practice by optometrists using the SVOne autorefractor

Optical Stores

Owning an optical store in this day and age is far from easy. Because of advances in technology and stiff competition from innovative retail shops, the independent optical store owner is under constant pressure to keep up with the times. Portable autorefractors have provided an innovative competitive edge for optical store owners. From an improved capture rate to less of a wait time, to increased patient throughput, this particular piece of optometry equipment has disrupted an industry that has had the same technology since the late 19th century.

Offices and Corporate Wellness Programs

According to Fast Company, corporate wellness programs are currently an $8 billion industry in the U.S. and are expected to grow by 7.8% through 2021. Such a lucrative industry is ripe for opportunities, and portable medical technology has been at the center of this industry. Portable autorefractors are one of the ways in which corporate wellness companies can expand their services and take a bigger slice of the pie.

Our portable autorefractor has been used at corporate wellness programs. We have joined forces with some of our partners to conduct vision exams in many corporations including Spotify, Oscar Insurance, Compass, Pager, NYU, and more. Quoting from one of our clients, “All of the feedback we received was positive and many employees were appreciative of the convenience of being able to receive an eye exam in the office”.

Doctor and optical store owner, who have an interest in this market, should look to take advantage of the opportunity by incorporating the Smart Vision Labs portable autorefractor.

Mission Trips, Schools, and Assisted Living

Portable Optometry equipment has always been a core part of eye care mission trips, and a big part of Smart Vision Labs philanthropic ambitions. Whether it be phoropters, tonometers, or autorefractors; mission trips and portable technology go hand in hand. Portable autorefractors have carved out their unique niche in this sector and there is no better feeling than being able to serve more people around the world.

eye care mission trips using a portable autorefractor

The same goes for schools screenings and assisted living medical visits. We conducted vision tests in schools and were beyond inspired by the way our results lit up the faces of those school children. In a recent article, we talk about how important this time is for optometrist as the back to school rush is about to begin. Often the people administering vision tests in schools are not trained professionals and our autorefractors can reduce the margin of error by providing the most accurate objective data so students can concentrate on learning.

Nursing Homes

One of our altruistic partners, Doug Streifel OD, is based out of Denver and provides vision services for nursing homes through his mobile optometry practice. He had this to say about us: “Having a tool that is both lightweight and easy to use gives us the opportunity to bring new and advanced technology to a population who might not get this state-of-the-art care otherwise.”

Nursing home visits for eye care using the SVOne Auotrefractor

Armed Forces and Law Enforcement

The US Armed Forces have many health requirements including good vision. The same parallels for good vision also spill over to law enforcement where vision testing is a requirement during the recruitment process. The armed forces also go on humanitarian trips to test vision and do health check-ups where portable autorefractors are commonplace. The Navy, for example, has optometrists who go on mission trips during their service to conduct vision testing.  


Believe it or not, prisons are another place where portable autorefractors have the potential for doctors to increase their business (or improve their practices). One of the things prisoners retain is the right to healthcare. Yet somehow, there is an increasing demand for optometrists in prisons. The Smart Vision Labs portable autorefractor fits perfectly as a complement equipment for optometrists when they go to correctional facilities to conduct vision testing. The speed and accuracy are perfect for situations where you want to be in and out and not spend too much time doing the refraction or rechecking to determine if the results are accurate are not.


Vision tests are becoming the norm in many sports all over the world. We recently released a clinical study on the “elite” vision of professional baseball players. In the professional leagues, hitting a pitched baseball has been described as one of the most difficult tasks in any sport.

Baseball players, on the other hand, have shown to have visual acuity approaching 20/12 (20/8 is often considered to be the best humanly possible vision). With the help of ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Laby and the SUNY College of Optometry, we conducted a study to prove our hypotheses. During the 2016 Spring Training Season, Dr. Laby tested over 600 MLB players using our handheld wavefront autorefractor, the SVOne. The results of the study showed that the SVOne autorefraction system can successfully measure the small, yet significant, refractive errors in the sample of players that were tested.

Apart from baseball, studies have also been done that link the vision of soccer players to their performance. Imagine the applications of portable autorefractors when it comes to sports like tennis or hockey, where the target object of concern is as small as a baseball. Take a look at the study to learn more about the applications of mobile optometry equipment in sports.

Rural Areas

Mobile and digital healthcare have come a long way to improve the health and living conditions of people in rural America. Imagine living in rural South Carolina where there is only one optometrist for a few thousand people in an area of a few hundred miles. To make your job easier, more efficient, and your practice more profitable, why would you not get portable Optometry equipment for your practice? Whether you have a clinic or a mobile optometry practice, a portable autorefractor like the SVOne can take your business to a whole new level.

As you can see, portable autorefractors and especially the Smart Vision Labs Wavefront Autorefractor, open up opportunities to grow your practice beyond a traditional brick and mortar clinic. This technology truly has the potential to serve the vision care needs of people all over the world, and bring vision care to the most remote areas of this world. We hope you are as inspired and motivated as we are to make vision impairment obsolete.

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