Increase Your Employee’s Vision and Their Benefits Utilization at the Same Time!

What’s a corporate benefits manager like you to do? You know employee vision problems cost your company money in terms of lost productivity and reduced performance. You offer them FSAs, HSAs, and more, yet only 37% of employees with any form of vision insurance take advantage of their benefits.

The Main Reason Your Employees Don’t Get Regular Vision Tests

So why aren’t your employees getting their vision tested and using their vision benefits? It turns out that the main reasons they don’t are that vision testing takes too long and isn’t very convenient. That’s actually good news, because now there’s something you can do about it.

Let Us Show You a Better Way

Thanks to Smart Vision Labs’ new technology, you can make it faster, easier, and more convenient to offer your employees regular vision tests. As long as you have a room that’s at least 10 ft. long, you can offer your employees vision testing right in the workplace.

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The Ugly Cost of Employee Vision Problems
60 hours
per employee of productivity are lost each year because of eye-focusing issues
$22 billion
is lost annually in the United States from uncorrected vision
79 percent
of employees suffer from at least one daily vision disturbance (like headaches or eyestrain) at work

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