How often are you frustrated because you’ve spent all this time and effort creating benefits like vision insurance for your employees, and then those benefits go unused? A recent study revealed that only 37.3% of employees with vision insurance used it during a 2-year period.

The Main Reason Your Employees Don’t Get Regular Vision Screenings

You know how employee vision issues cost your company in terms of lost productivity, but do you know the two biggest reasons employees don’t get their vision tested?

They’re time-consuming and They’re not convenient.”

That’s good news, because there’s something easy that you can do about it.

We Can Show You a Better Way

Thanks to Smart Vision Labs’ new corporate vision screening program, you can remove the two biggest stumbling blocks to resolving employee vision problems. As long as you have a room that’s at least 10 ft. long, you can offer your employees a solution that is easy and convenient for them, and affordable for your company.

To find out how you can offer Smart Vision Screenings at your company and thereby increase employee utilization of existing vision insurance and related vision benefits, please fill out the contact form on this page to schedule your free consultation.

“...of the employees with vision insurance, only 37% utilized it in the past 2 years”

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