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Smart Vision Labs makes getting contact lens prescriptions as easy as visiting your local pharmacist.

New York, NY — November 7, 2016, Smart Vision Labs (, the leader in vision technology for glasses prescriptions, announced today the addition of renewal contact lens prescriptions. The new, ultra-convenient platform will be available at all locations that offer the high tech Smart Vision Exams. The program covers contact lens wearers between the ages of 18 to 60.

Yaopeng Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of Smart Vision Labs said “our engineers worked hard to deliver this  new functionality to our product, which greatly simplifies the renewal process and will surely save consumers a lot of time and headaches. We are excited to see how this helps our customers.”

Smart Vision Labs telemedicine platform is on a mission to help millions of Americans who need vision correction but can’t afford the exorbitant cost or time commitment associated with traditional eye exams. Using lightweight, portable smartphone technology the Smart Vision Labs app combines a patented adapter along with advanced technology developed for LASIK to capture how light travels back and forth through a person’s eye. The vision test takes about 5 minutes and doesn’t require customers to make appointments or wait to see an eye doctor..

In the United States alone, 240 million Americans are in need of vision correction, but only 114 million eye exams are performed yearly. On average, there is one eye doctor for every 5,000 people. By using Smart Vision Labs, prescriptions are accessible with a click of a button.

Smart Vision Exams pairs mobile autorefraction technology with a proprietary telemedicine platform, allowing doctors to analyze vision test results and other data remotely. The doctor can write a digital eyeglass or contact lenses prescription for a patient or make a recommendation for a full eye health exam when appropriate.

Optical stores in NY and CA who don’t have the ability to offer their customers a prescription for glasses or renewal contact lenses can now use the Smart Vision Labs platform to grow their business. Optical stores no longer have to send customers away for a prescription and can now service them onsite, creating a better customer experience and providing high quality glasses while reducing their remake rates.

About Smart Vision Labs
Smart Vision Labs, founded in 2013 by Yaopeng Zhou and Marc Albanese, is transforming the way people test their vision and expanding the vision care market to ensure more people have access to vision testing and proper eye wear.

Smart Vision Labs is making vision care less expensive, less complicated, and more accessible. The company offers a mobile-phone based vision exam where patients can obtain a prescription in minutes without the need for a doctor on-site. Their proprietary technology shrinks expensive, bulky equipment to a portable device that is adapted to a telemedicine platform. The company partners with optical stores and other retailers to bring Smart Vision Exams to consumers. Smart Vision Exams is currently available in over 30 locations in New York and California, and the company is looking to expand to other states in the coming months. Smart Vision Labs aims to increase access to vision care by leveraging technology and innovation. Over 50,000 vision tests have been performed to date in 23 countries, including in partnership with numerous nonprofits and NGOs providing eye-care services to under served populations here in the US, as well as in  India, China and Africa..

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