New York, NYFebruary 2, 2016, Smart Vision Labs (, the world leaders in providing telehealth eye exams, released a new ebook outlining 9 important reasons companies should add on-site vision screenings to their employee wellness programs. The free e-book, “Nine Big-Payback Reasons to Add Vision Coverage to Your Employee Wellness Program,” is available for free download from the site:

According to Jennifer Mele, Director of Business Development, there is compelling data contained in the e-book that will resonate with corporate benefits managers. “Some benefits professionals may not be aware  that 79% of employees suffer from at least one daily vision disturbance (like headaches or eyestrain) at work. Or that employees lose 60 hours of productivity each year because of eye-focusing issues. How much of the $22 billion lost annually in the United States from uncorrected vision is coming straight off their company’s bottom line? These statistics don’t just affect one company – they affect them all!”

Mele cites a recent study which revealed that only 37.3% of employees with vision insurance actually used it during a 2-year period. And the two biggest reasons employees don’t get their vision tested turns out to be that vision exams are perceived as time-consuming and inconvenient. The e-book includes data from these studies, along with suggestions as to how to overcome these barriers to employee health and productivity.

Smart Vision Labs works with companies interested in offering on-site vision testing as part of, or to supplement, their corporate wellness program. Wellness screenings are an extension of Smart Vision Labs expanding telemedicine network of stores in NY and CA who are offering on-site Smart Vision Exams. The Smart Vision Exam uses the same advanced technology developed for LASIK to capture a person’s vision correction prescription. The data is sent to a remote network of eye doctors who provide new or updated eyeglass prescriptions. The whole vision test takes about 5 minutes and customers can access their prescription online, within 24 hours. The Smart Vision exam measures a customer’s visual acuity, refractive error, pupillary distance, and current prescriptions (if applicable), while also collecting answers to basic health questions. The test is available to healthy adults between 18-60. If customers haven’t had a full eye exam within the last two years a full eye health exam is recommended.

With Smart Vision Lab’s new 5-Minute Vision Exams, companies can offer their employees a solution that is easy and convenient for their employees, and affordable to the company. In the United States alone, 240 million Americans are in need of vision correction, but only 114 million eye exams are performed yearly. On average there is one eye doctor for every 5,000 people. Personalizing telemedicine promotes ownership of one’s own medical data, and with Smart Vision Labs, prescriptions are always accessible with a click of a button.

The growing network of partners offering 5-Minute Vision Exams currently includes: Bauer Optical, Devonshire Optical, EuroOptika, Kalmus Optical, Modern Day OptX, Vint & York, Visual Optique, Digital Optiks, Strand Pharmacy Optical, Marine Park Family Vision, EyeCrave Optics, Vu Frameworks, Thosoo Eyewear, and 92nd Eye all located in the NYC area. In California, premier partners include Brighter Optical, Sun’s Up Optical, Daas Optique – Los Angeles, Daas Optique – San Diego, Devlyn Optical Walnut Park, Devlyn Optical Chino, Devlyn Optical Panorama City, Devlyn Curacao Chino, Devlyn Curacao DTLA, A B See Optical, 9FIVE Optical – Los Angeles, 9FIVE Optical San Diego, Hye Optic- Los Angeles, Hye Optic-Glendale, Eyetailor, Palo Alto Eyeworks, Valencia Eyewear, Eclipse Eyewear and Garrett Leight California Optical.

About Smart Vision Labs

Smart Vision Labs is making vision care less expensive, less complicated, and more accessible. The company offers a mobile-phone based vision exam where patients can obtain an eyewear prescription in minutes without the need for a doctor on-site. Their proprietary technology shrinks expensive, bulky equipment to a portable device that is adapted to a telemedicine platform. Smart Vision Exams are currently available in over 50 locations in New York and California, and the company is looking to expand to other states in the coming months. Founded in 2013, Smart Vision Labs aims to increase access to vision care by leveraging technology and innovation. Over 50,000 vision tests have been performed to date in 23 countries, including in partnership with numerous nonprofits and NGOs providing eye-care services to underserved populations here in the US, as well as in India, China and Africa.

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