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Smart Vision Labs Launches a Spanish Version of their Vision Testing Telemedicine Platform

New York, NY – July 10, 2017, Smart Vision Labs ( announced today the launch of the Spanish-language version of their vision testing telemedicine platform. The expansion of Spanish language support ties to the company’s mission to provide great access to vision care and will enable their partners to serve more customers whose native language is Spanish.

The goal of adding Spanish support serves the company’s mission but more importantly provides familiarity and comfort to consumers whose first language is Spanish. As the industry gets more people to think about their eyes, Smart Vision Labs wants to make sure they have a way to address their vision needs in their native language. Vision care is important to everyone’s quality of life and safety. The company’s research indicates that 25% of people on the road today would fail a DMV vision test. Making the vision test faster, more convenient and easier to understand is one step towards resolving these issues.

The Smart Vision Exam is available at optical retail locations where consumers do not need an appointment and can get a vision exam without waiting. The vision test takes approximately 5-minutes and can be done on the spot without the need for a doctor on-sight. Consumers receive their final prescriptions after a doctor has reviewed their exam. Optical stores can start the process of selecting frames and fitting customers while the prescription is finalized. Optical stores working with Smart Vision Labs have reported capture rates of 92% and increased revenues by 30-40%.

“We have reduced one more barrier to eye care”, said Yaopeng Zhou, Smart Vision Labs, CEO and Co-Founder. “Many of our partners have Spanish speaking customers and this was a natural progression for our platform. We plan to expand to additional languages in the future.“

About Smart Vision Labs
Smart Vision Labs is making vision care less expensive, less complicated, and more accessible. Using the SVOne Autorefractor doctors and optical stores can use the power of wavefront aberrometry to provide prescriptions for glasses in minutes. Their proprietary technology shrinks expensive, bulky equipment to a portable device that is adapted to both a stand alone autorefractor and a telemedicine platform. Smart Vision Labs aims to increase access to vision care by leveraging technology and innovation. Over 60,000 vision tests have been performed to date in 23 countries, including in partnership with numerous nonprofits and NGOs providing eye-care services to underserved populations here in the US, as well as in India, China, and Africa.

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