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Study uncovers significant deficiencies impacting workplace productivity, pointing to on-site vision exams and telemedicine as possible solutions to the shortcomings of vision care in the workplace

New York, NY ­–­ September 28, 2016 –­­ Smart Vision Labs (, creators of mobile vision testing devices and the 5-minute Smart Vision Exam, today released a report on the shortcomings of vision care in the workplace and how telemedicine can conveniently assist employees with vision issues on-site. In Smart Vision Labs’ Benefits of Onsite Corporate Screenings report, companies gain insight into vision care trends among employees, how vision impairments affect workplace productivity and if telemedicine solutions, like on-site vision examinations, can impact employee wellness.

From 2015-2016, Smart Vision Labs conducted on-site vision exams in corporations, schools and wellness fairs and surveyed over 1,700 employees. Smart Vision Labs discovered that among the participants over the age 16, a quarter of them didn’t know they had a vision issue or needed updated corrective lenses — or would otherwise fail a DMV test. Not surprisingly, of the 72% of patients who had vision insurance, 63% have not had an eye exam in over three years.

The top reasons why employees hadn’t utilized their vision insurance were due to time constraints, unfamiliarity with vision tests or lack of education on the importance of eye health evaluations.

“In the workplace, employers are beginning to see the direct relationship between health and productivity. Vision insurance offerings are not enough, as most are not utilizing their benefits,” said Yaopeng Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Smart Vision Labs. “Our findings point to the obvious need for addressing vision problems in the workplace and we hope to see more employers take a proactive approach to ensuring that every employee has access to proper eyewear, smart refractive technologies and regular vision screenings.”

Smart Vision Labs’ findings echo a report from Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), which noted increased computer usage and time spent on screens contribute to nearly 80% of employees who experience visual disturbances. Additionally, a study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Optometry noted that there is a direct correlation between proper vision correction and the required time for workers to perform tasks, especially with computers.

Furthermore, Smart Vision Labs’ survey provides valuable insights on how companies can encourage better eye health among employees, such as incorporating wellness and telemedicine perks into benefit schemes and implementing preventative measures that address vision-related issues before it becomes a significant problem.

“All of the feedback we received was positive and many employees were appreciative of the convenience of being able to receive an eye exam in the office,” said Adam Jiang, Compensation & Benefits Manager at Compass. “The survey results we received showed that over half of the staff that participated had not received a vision exam in the prior 2 years.”

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