Did you know that 79 percent of employees suffer from at least one daily vision disturbance (like headaches or eyestrain) at work? Or that employees lose 60 hours of productivity each year because of eye-focusing issues?

How much of the $22 billion lost annually in the United States from uncorrected vision is coming straight off your company’s bottom line?

Our free e-book, “Nine Big-Payback Reasons to Add Vision Coverage to Your Employee Wellness Program,” can help you focus on solving this problem within your own organization.

In this free 25-page e-book, you’ll discover:

  • Six Unrecognized Ways that Vision Problems Can Hurt Your Employees and their Performance
  • Five Common Workplace Frustrations that Are Linked to Undiagnosed Vision Problems
  • Why Your New Employees Need Vision Tests Before They Start Training
  • Why Headaches Are the Leading Cause of Employee Absenteeism…and Why Many Headaches Can Be Prevented by Vision Exams
  • And so much more!

Our e-book lays out the facts and statistics you’ll need to make an informed decision about employee vision coverage. Keep in mind that we’re not trying to sell you that coverage – we’re in the vision-testing business, and we don’t sell insurance or healthcare coverage.

But we are dedicated to helping people see better and helping companies find ways to encourage their employees to use the vision benefits they already have. In order to fulfill our mission, we want to help you and your company understand:

…the critical connection between your employees’ eyesight and your business success;
…the obvious, easy-to-overlook tie between better eyesight and better quality;
…why employees who see better make your company safer; and
…why teams that see better work better.

We even address an issue which some of the most savvy human resource leaders may not be thinking about:

Is Your Company Failing to Identify Future Leaders Because They Have Poor Vision?

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