Can a New Type of Eye Exam Help Your Store Compete?

It’s not easy being an independent optical store.
You’re up against big chains who can buy the same products as you, but at much lower prices.
They have more employees, bigger retail footprints, and bigger ad budgets.

So how can you compete?

By giving your customers the kind of personal customer service that only a small store can give.
By using every trick in the book to keep costs low and improve your ROI.
And by having the vision to recognize disruptions in your industry that will put you on an equal footing with the big chains… and maybe even give you an edge.

The Smart Vision 5-Minute Eye Exam is your equalizer

Nothing says customer service like not wasting your customers’ valuable time. Or by being able to accommodate their testing and prescription needs when they need it, without having to wait for an appointment with an eye doctor. Plus, you empower your customers because they get to take their own prescriptions with them… which is something the big chains don’t usually offer, and which your customers will love.

Here’s what you can expect as a Smart Vision partner:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Rates
  • 92% of customers tested buy glasses
  • Less than 3% remake rate
  • 500% ROI
  • All without an OD on premise

Do you have a “Doctor Problem?” We can help.

One of the biggest problems store owners like you face is providing a doctor on site to help customers with their tests and prescriptions. They’re not cheap, they’re not always available, and you might not even have someplace to put them in your store. Smart Vision Labs’ proprietary telemedicine platform lets you offer vision tests without an OD in your store. Our system sends your customers’ data to our doctors, who generate a new prescription within 24 hours. Your customers can access their prescriptions safely and securely online with a click of a button.

A Test in Minutes, A Customer for Life.

What’s next?

To find out how you can offer Smart Vision Screenings in your store, increasing your customers’ satisfaction and your ROI without an OD on premise, please fill out the contact form on this page to schedule your free consultation.

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