Introducing a hi-tech solution for convenient and simple vision testing!
No appointment necessary
Available at yourneighborhood optician
Intuitive design & testing
So affordable, you won’tneed insurance
Used more than50,000 times in 23 countries!
Award-winning technology and innovation

Vision exams based
on NASA technology

Based on the same wavefront technology used in many NASA-partnered telescopes, Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test lets you get a new or updated prescription that’s every bit as accurate as the old school eye testing equipment (which hasn’t changed since the 1900s).

Credit: Keck Observatory Gallery

A Better Vision for Prescriptions

Going to the eye doctor can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and may not even be covered by your insurance.

With Smart Vision Exams, you can complete your vision test in 5 minutes at your local neighborhood optician. It’s so affordable, you won’t care if it’s not covered on your insurance. Even better, you’ll get to keep a digital copy of your prescription so you won’t lose it ever again.

Modern Day Optx offers Smart Vision Exams

The Trouble with Screens

If you’re like many of us, you spend your days and nights staring into screens. Computer screens. Smartphone screens. TV screens. This puts a strain on your eyes that no previous generation has ever dealt with.

Glasses and corrective lenses can protect your vision and prevent eye strain and headaches.

Why Pay More for Old Tech or Put Off Prescription Updates You Need?

Why would you want to pay more to use old technology when you can get the latest, proven cutting edge tests at a fraction of the price?

Smart Vision Exams are so inexpensive that you can take tests whenever you think your prescription needs adjusting. Instead of waiting a few years until you can afford your next exam, take a Smart Vision Exam today and start seeing clearer in minutes.