The optical care industry has always lived at the crossroads of scientific and medical innovation. The next development in our industry is optical telemedicine. 5-Minute Vision Testing is done onsite in your store by a normal employee using an FDA Registered Class I Medical Device. The device is effective in generating accurate prescriptions for all patients. The results are sent electronically to our state-licensed ophthalmologists/optometrists for review, and they email a prescription to the customer within 24 hours.

5 Reasons Your Business Will Love Optical Telemedicine

Increases Sales and Capture Rates

Smart Vision Labs partners are reporting that as many as 92% of their customers who took the 5-Minute Vision Test and got their prescriptions through telemedicine purchased glasses in their stores.

Lowers Your Costs

Instead of paying a state-licensed doctor at each of your locations, with all the associated costs, telemedicine lets you use our off-site state-licensed doctors on a cost-per-use model. That’s part of the reason our partners report a 500% ROI on Smart Vision 5-Minute Vision Tests.

Reduce Remakes

Smart Vision Labs partners are reporting an average remake rate of only 3%. Eliminating the wasted productivity and lost income your stores suffer because of remakes should be reason enough to consider telemedicine.

Doesn’t Need a Specialized Workforce

With a minimal amount of training, any employee can administer the 5-Minute Vision Test, streamlining your workforce and reducing overall payroll costs.

Upgrades Easily

Phoropters weren’t cheap, and once you bought them, you were pretty much stuck with them – in every one of your locations. The affordable Smart Vision device is basically a turbocharged smartphone on a stand, and upgrading software is much cheaper than replacing hardware. Even better, our board-certified doctors upgrade themselves!

If you love what telemedicine can do for your business, from lowering costs to increasing sales and ROI, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.