..From the man who wrote the book on vision testing at Luxottica

The optical retail industry is about to take an important leap forward with the adoption of telemedicine. In optical telemedicine, vision testing is done on site in your store by an employee using an FDA Registered Class I Medical Device. The results are sent electronically to our state-licensed ophthalmologists for review, and they email a prescription to the customer within 24 hours.

Find out what you need to know about telemedicine’s role in retail from industry thought leader Wallace Lovejoy. Having spent 28 years on the leadership team at Luxottica, few retail executives have the perspective and experience that Wallace has.

In this free webinar from Smart Vision Labs, you will gain a strategic overview on how to introduce telemedicine to your retail optical organization. Topics include:
  • How telemedicine is used efficiently and profitably in other organizations
  • Telemedicine’s Bottom Line: potential revenue & cost savings
  • 5 Optical retail business problems solved by telemedicine
  • Working with partners to ensure the smooth acceptance of telemedicine technologies throughout your organization
  • Overcoming obstacles to adoption
  • Optimizing relationships with doctors and patients
  • Using telemedicine to increase health exam frequency and create awareness about health issues

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*Important Notice: No legal advice will be shared in this webinar.

Wallace Lovejoy

About Wallace Lovejoy

Among many other jobs in his 28-year career at Luxottica, as Sr. VP at Luxottica Retail, Wallace led the development and delivery of practice advancement tools and services to support the growth of eye exam patients at optometric offices affiliated with Luxottica – training, continuing education, communication, benchmarking, systems, equipment and technology, staffing. Since 2012, Lovejoy has been an independent eye care consultant at Lovejoy Eye Care Consulting, where he provides strategic consulting and regulatory compliance advice related to vision care and the optical and ophthalmic industries.

Lovejoy’s distinguished career also includes serving as the chairman of the Board of the National Association of Optometrists and Opticians from 2004-2010. He is also the past chair of the Board of the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness and of EYEXAM of California, Inc. as well as a past member of the American Optometric Association Ophthalmic Council and the OneSight Foundation Board of Directors.

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Executive Summary

Gain a strategic overview of optical telemedicine that will give you the confidence to introduce it to your retail operation, led by industry thought leader and former Sr. VP at Luxottica Retail Wallace Lovejoy.