...Featuring a leading Optometrist who embraced telemedicine and is influencing the technology development

Modern Optometry Practices are set apart by the technology they use. Are you getting the most accurate objective data while reducing chair cost? From pediatric to geriatric, are all your patients happy? Are the technologies you are using as fast as they are portable? Tune in to our webinar for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Tihomira Petkova – Vamvaka, OD, PhD to understand how to incorporate and integrate telemedicine technology into your optometry practice.

In this free webinar from Smart Vision Labs, you will gain a comprehensive overview of how to incorporate telemedicine technology into your optometry practice and understand how it will impact your operation. Topics Include:
  • How telemedicine is currently being used in optometry practices and retail operations all over the US and the World
  • Tips on how to properly integrate telemedicine into your practice and retail operation
  • The metrics that telemedicine will help you improve
  • Telemedicine use cases and case studies involving optometrists
  • How you can reduce chair cost and wait times while increasing retail capture rate
  • The increased revenue per patient and staff hour that thorough integration will help you obtain
Dr. Tihomira Petkova - Vamvaka, OD, PhD

About Dr. Tihomira Petkova - Vamvaka, OD, PhD

Dr. Tihomira Petkova is a clinician scientist practicing in private setting in Houston, TX. As a board certified therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist she is actively involved in all facets of optometry. She enjoys seeing patients of all ages, managing patients with ocular pathologies and strives for every patient to achieve healthy eyes and the best possible visual outcome.

As a scientist Dr. Petkova has worked on research projects from the front to the back of the eye; from understand corneal wound healing in response to infections and inflammation to unraveling the molecular mechanisms involved in retinal development and optic nerve regeneration. Her research work has taken her from the University of Houston to Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. She has presented her work at multiple international research conferences and is a published author of research articles and a book chapter. For her contributions to vision science Dr. Petkova has received multiple awards amongst which most notably are the American Optometric Foundation Ezel Fellowship and the Fight for Sight Foundation Award.

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Executive Summary

Discover the worldwide applications of telemedicine in optometry settings in our webinar with an accomplished scientist and optometrist. From reducing chair cost and lane times, to increasing revenue. Learn about tips and techniques on how to successfully incorporate telemedicine into your optometry practice.