...Learn from a successful retail entrepreneur who co-founded two companies in custom frame manufacturing and smart eyewear

The optical retail industry expands or shrinks based on sales and related metrics. Is your operation set up for success? Are you sure you’re tracking the right metrics? Have you evaluated the right technologies and systems to ensure your success. Join us for a lively and engaging webinar as we reveal some little known strategies on improving all of these metrics without incurring additional costs.

In this free webinar from Smart Vision Labs, you will gain a strategic overview on how to run and measure your retail optical organization and tips on how to increase your overall store’s profitability. Topics include:
  • What are the key metrics you should measure and how to improve them
  • How you can supercharge your ‘Capture Rate’ and prevent walkouts
  • Tips to expand your business using technology and telemedicine
  • Optimizing your store flow to increase revenues
  • Maximizing each employee’s role to drive higher revenue per employee
  • How to drive new customers into your store by expanding your offerings without increasing your expenses
  • How to “light up” your store during all business hours
  • Tools for decreasing “Customer Remake Rates ”
  • Case studies of optical stores who are implementing these strategies
  • And more!
Lee Kuczewsi

About Lee Kuczewski

Lee Kuczewski works with Smart Vision Labs retail optical partners to help them drive sales, increase their capture rates and offers strategies for increasing new customer growth, multi pair sales and overall customer lifetime value. He is an ABO certified and licensed optician (MA & RI) and eyewear designer, with 15 years of optical industry expertise. He joined Smart Vision Labs after co-founding two ophthalmic related companies in custom frame manufacturing and smart eyewear consulting. He brings experience in optical retail operations, product development, and IP strategy. His work can be found on celebrity clients and is also featured in the book “Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution” published by Thames & Hudson. In his free time he enjoys running, audiobooks, and raising awareness for mental health issues.

As a volunteer, he was a team captain for “Gift of Sight” serving an estimated 20,000 pairs of glasses during a two week visit to Valparaiso Chile.

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Executive Summary

Gain a strategic overview of the key metrics retail optical teams use to drive their businesses and how telemedicine can increase your most important KPIs to increase revenue.