If you had a new tool for improving your employee’s productivity and performance, while also adding to the benefits you provide for them, wouldn’t you be interested? The answer is right in front of your eyes. Or, more accurately, your employee’s eyes.

The Ugly Cost of Employee Vision Problems
60 hours
per employee of productivity are lost each year because of eye-focusing issues
$22 billion
is lost annually in the United States from uncorrected vision
79 percent
of employees suffer from at least one daily vision disturbance (like headaches or eyestrain) at work

Can You Guess the Main Reason Employees Don’t Get Regular Vision Exams?

You probably already know this, but having vision insurance and having regular vision exams is not the same thing. A recent study revealed that only 37.3% of employees with vision insurance actually used it during a 2-year period. And do you know the two biggest reasons employees don’t get their vision tested?

“They’re time-consuming.”

“They’re not convenient.”

We Can Show You a Better Way

Now, thanks to Smart Vision Labs’ new 5-Minute Eye Vision Exam, you can remove the two biggest stumbling blocks to employee vision issues and thereby increase employee performance. As long as you have a room that’s at least 10 ft. long, you can offer your employees a solution that is easy and convenient for them, and affordable for your company.

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“...vision tests revealed that 25% of patients who were of legal driving age had a visual acuity of 20/40 or worse, and would fail the DMV vision requirement”

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