Eliminating Dark Hours and Offering Vision Prescriptions without a Doctor on-site?There’s an app for that.

Ed’s Story

Ed Klotz is the owner of Bauer Optical on Main Street in Hastings-on-Hudson in New York. His store caters to an eclectic crowd who live in and around the scenic village in Westchester, many of whom commute to nearby New York City. Ed eschews high-pressure sales tactics, instead focusing on offering his customers the best results for their vision needs and their budgets.

Ed’s Challenge

Ed’s regular OD went on maternity leave, and since having her child, reduced her availability to only a few days a month. As Ed told us, “90% of his customers want to be in and out for their glasses (don’t want to wait so long for a doctor).” In order to provide the highest levels of service to his customers, Ed was forced to search for a replacement. Unfortunately, that search turned out to be remarkably difficult in this small village, even though he offered attractive fees. He scoured the area, turning to medical school alumni lists, lists of fill-in doctors, and even Craig’s List.

Ed’s Solution.

Like any true visionary, Ed wasn’t going to let the accident of geography and the lack of local ODs prevent him from giving his customers what they needed. When he mentioned the problem to one of his sales reps, they told him about Smart Vision Labs and our 5-Minute Vision Exam technology and proprietary telemedicine platform. By working with Smart Vision Labs, Ed would be able to offer his customers vision testing in minutes without needing to schedule an appointment, and prescriptions within 24 hours – and he was able to abandon his frustrating search for a replacement for his OD.

Ed’s Results

Ed’s priority is customer satisfaction, and since partnering with Smart Vision Labs, 100% of his customers who got tested have been satisfied with their glasses or contact lenses. 92% of Ed’s customers who took the Smart Vision Exam have purchased glasses as a result, with an average sale price of glasses with lenses of $450. But even more remarkable is that he has had ZERO remakes.

And what about not having an OD on premises? His patients are satisfied that they can get their eyes tested in five minutes, without the need for an appointment, and get their prescriptions within 24 hours. Ed has to remind his patients that they still need to have regular comprehensive eye exams – but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

Are You a Visionary Like Ed? Do You Want to Reduce or Eliminate Dark Hours in Your Store?

Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform can help you provide your customers with better, more convenient eye care at a lower cost, while still improving your bottom line. Especially if you’re in an area without easy access to ODs.

Will it work whether you’re located in a commuter suburb in Westchester like Hastings-on-Hudson, or a small town in upstate New York, or in a busy neighborhood in Brooklyn?

Are you a visionary like Ed?

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Edward Klotz from Bauer Optical a Smart Vision Labs Visionary
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