Better Customer Care, Reduced Remake Rates and Higher Profits?What’s not to love?

Jody’s Story

For the past 26 years, optician Jody Shuler has dedicated his life to improving the eyesight of the people in his community. His store in the historic Woolworth Building in downtown Watertown, NY has become a haven for people looking for a little fun and fashion when it comes to their eye care. His shop, EyeCrave Optics, is the first store in the North Country to offer an eclectic selection of funky, fashionable styles, from affordable basics to high-end designers, to an increasingly trendy and tech savvy selection of local customers.

Jody’s Challenge

Jody’s customers kept bringing him flawed prescriptions, requiring adjustments and remakes. As a glasses wearer since the age of 12, Jody could relate to his customers’ frustration and the increased remake rate. As a born troubleshooter, Jody wanted to solve his customers’ problems. And, as an optician and entrepreneur, Jody looked at the damage to his bottom line created by flawed prescriptions created outside of his store.

Jody’s Solution

Like any true visionary, Jody wasn’t willing to accept the status quo. He went looking for a solution, and he found Smart Vision Labs. He appreciated the simplicity of our Smart Vision technology, but he also framed it in terms of his customers’ experiences. In fact, it was Jody who first suggested we describe our 5-Minute Smart Vision Exams in terms of the increased convenience they offer: not for him, but for his customers.

Jody’s Results

Jody’s customers always come first, so the most important result has been the increase in the quality of his patients’ experiences. Fewer adjustments and lower remake rates mean Jody’s customers get what they need with less hassle. They are in and out of his shop quicker. In fact, some customers stop by, take the Smart Vision Labs 5-Minute Vision Test, and then go do their other errands while their prescriptions are being prepared via Smart Vision Labs’ proprietary telemedicine platform, and come back later in the day for a test fitting of their new prescriptions.

For customers that haven’t been to an eye doctor in 2 years or more, Jody won’t make glasses following a Smart Vision Labs Exam until they see a doctor for a comprehensive eye health exam. But now, thanks to Smart Vision Labs’ proprietary telemedicine platform, Jody can help other customers can get their new or updated prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses in 24 hours or less without needing to schedule and wait for an appointment with an eye doctor: a considerable savings in time, and expense.

As a small business owner, Jody knows he can’t help his patients if he’s not able to make a profit and stay in business. Since partnering with Smart Vision Labs, Jody has reduced his remake rates, scheduled numerous health checkups with his doctor for his customers, and decreased the time it takes him to make related sales. His bottom line has improved dramatically, and he generously gives Smart Vision Labs some of the credit – just as we share the credit with forward-thinking visionaries like Jody for helping us lead a technology-based disruptive revolution in vision testing.

Are You a Visionary Like Jody? Do You Want to Reduce Your Remake Rate?

Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform can help you provide your customers with better, more convenient eye care at a lower cost, while still improving your bottom line? Will it work whether you’re in a small town in upstate New York, or in a busy neighborhood in Brooklyn, or in a commuter suburb in Westchester? Are you a visionary like Jody?

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