Can an Eye Test Increase Sales of High-End Frames?The devil’s in the details.

Sungs’s Story

Over the last 35 years Sung Kim has worked his way up through the eyecare industry, finally opening his own independent shop 10 years ago. His store, Eyetailor, caters to the very chic, tech-savvy customers in LA. They come in looking for the finest, funnest, funkiest upscale European frames, as well as specialty items from the past, including museum pieces, dead stock vintage, American classic vendors, vintage recreations, vintage inspired imports and bespoke frames.

Sungs’s Challenge

Personally, Sung has always enjoyed the challenge inherent in working with difficult frames that require special treatment focused on attention to detail and craftsmanship. In fact, he prides himself on his service and knowledge of these complex frames, and his growing clientele seems to agree. But one challenge Sung needed help with was expanding his business by offering full service to his demanding, upscale customers.

Sung’s Solution.

When Sung read about Smart Vision Labs in a magazine, he saw that our technology would be a perfect match with his collection – and customer base, which tends to be very cutting edge and technical. His customers, not surprisingly also tended to be concerned with craftsmanship and details when it comes to their glasses, and Sung thought they might appreciate Smart Vision Labs’ innovative smartphone-based test and revolutionary telemedicine platform. He decided to start offering our 5-Minute Vision Test and see how his customers would respond.

Sung’s Results

It’s only been a few months, and Sung is already seeing the powerful impact of partnering with Smart Vision Labs. So far about 75% of people who come into Eyetailor to take the exam buy glasses – not a bad conversion rate considering that customers are free to take their new prescriptions anywhere they want. They like the convenience, and they like the speed, but they are most impressed with the ease and accuracy of the new technology itself.

Are You a Visionary Like Sung?

Can Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform help you expand your business and increase sales like it did for Eyetailor? And just because our partners are succeeding in locations as varied as the commuter suburbs in Westchester, small towns in upstate New York, chic upscale neighborhoods in Brooklyn, or in the heart of the busiest cities in the world like New York or Los Angeles, is it worth giving it a try in your store?

Are you a visionary like Sung?

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