Can a Vision Test Increase Your Capture Rate & Keep Your Customers from Walking Out?Let your patients show you the way.

Josh’s Story

Josh Bismuth is a licensed optician who works in a shared space environment at the historic Strand Pharmacy in Astoria, Queens. The Strand is a one-stop shop: you can get your medical prescriptions filled, and, thanks to Josh, your optical prescriptions, too. Josh’s customers are working class folks on a moderate budget, so he basically offers them discount optical services that meet their needs.

Josh’s Challenge

Josh had to constantly explain to patients that they would have to go see a doctor, then come back with their prescription, before he could sell them glasses or contact lenses. He was losing about a dozen patients every month. Josh explored purchasing vision testing equipment, but the system he found was exorbitantly priced. He was even considering bringing a doctor in-house, but that can be “exorbitantly expensive” – not an option for Josh’s discount optical store.

Josh’s Solution

Through a stroke of luck, Josh found out about Smart Vision Labs at a networking event. He checked us out and liked that our solution was cost-efficient for him to deploy as well as being convenient for his patients. He became a Smart Vision partner shortly thereafter and his customer capture rate increased.

Josh’s Results

How is the Smart Vision Lab working out for Josh? We’ll let him tell you: “The exam is extremely quick, it’s convenient. I think it does impress a lot of patients now. They liked the quickness of it. And it’s highly accurate, which is, of course, the best thing about it. I don’t lose a lot of money on returned lenses or updating prescriptions. In fact, it’s just as accurate as most of the doctors I’ve worked with. It actually is a doctor, looking at the prescription. They’re just not in-house…It’s very good for business.”

But it was his patients’ responses that really sealed the deal for Josh. “The first few times, I was worried it wouldn’t be accurate. But the patients would say, “This is really sharp” and “This is really clear” so it put me at ease.”

Are You a Visionary Like Josh? Do You Want to Increase Your Capture Rate and Sell More?

Can Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform increase your capture rate and help keep your customers from walking out the door? Even better, can it improve your profits by reducing returns or redos in a cost-effective manner?

Will it work whether your customers are trendy suburbanites in Hastings-on-Hudson, or upscale professionals in the heart of New York City, or just regular working class folks on a budget in Queens?

Are you a visionary like Josh?

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