Can an Eye Test Keep Your Customers from Walking out the Door?Let your patients show you the way.

Josh’s Story

Josh Bismuth is a licensed optician who works in a shared space environment at the historic Strand Pharmacy in Astoria, Queens. The Strand is a one-stop shop: you can get your medical prescriptions filled, and, thanks to Josh, your optical prescriptions, too. Josh’s customers are working class folks on a moderate budget, so he basically offers them discount optical services that meet their needs.

Josh’s Challenge

Josh had to constantly explain to patients that they would have to go see a doctor, then come back with their prescription, before he could sell them glasses or contact lenses. He was losing about a dozen patients every month. Josh explored purchasing vision testing equipment, but the system he found was exorbitantly priced. He was even considering bringing a doctor in-house, but that can be “exorbitantly expensive” – not an option for Josh’s discount optical store.

Josh’s Solution

Through a stroke of luck, Josh found out about Smart Vision Labs at a networking event. He checked us out and liked that our solution was cost-efficient for him to deploy as well as being convenient for his patients. He became a Smart Vision partner shortly thereafter.

Josh’s Results

How is the Smart Vision Lab working out for Josh? We’ll let him tell you: “The exam is extremely quick, it’s convenient. I think it does impress a lot of patients now. They liked the quickness of it. And it’s highly accurate, which is of course the best thing about it. I don’t lose a lot of money on returned lenses or updating prescriptions. In fact, it’s just as accurate as most of the doctors I’ve worked with. It actually is a doctor, looking at the prescription. They’re just not in-house…It’s very good for business.”

But it was his patients’ responses that really sealed the deal for Josh. “The first few times, I was worried it wouldn’t be accurate. But the patients would say, “This is really sharp” and “This is really clear” so it put me at ease.”

Are You a Visionary Like Josh?

Can Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform help keep your customers from walking out the door? Even better, can it improve your profits by reducing returns or redos in a cost-effective manner?

Will it work whether your customers are trendy suburbanites in Hastings-on-Hudson, or upscale professionals in the heart of New York City, or just regular working class folks on a budget in Queens?

Are you a visionary like Josh?

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