A Vision Test as Avant Garde as Your Eyewear?Take a look!

Nai Wang’s Story

VU Frameworks is in one of the hottest shopping locations in the world: Turn-Style, underneath Columbus Circle in New York City. Surrounded by upscale shops selling artisanal donuts, hand-made stationery, and ultra-chic messenger bags, the shop run by Nai Wang specializes in creating eyewear with an Urban Zen style. Every faux wooden frame in her collection is designed to raise awareness of the strains consumerism puts on nature.

Nai Wang’s Challenge

Nai Wang’s customers tend to be working professionals who are looking for a unique fashion statement combined with the convenience of being able to get in and out quickly during their lunch hour. They want to be able to get their vision prescriptions in the same place that they shop, in between an upscale lunch and an artisanal gelato for desert. Additionally, Nai wanted to expand her business to offer corporate vision screening to many of the companies who have offices in the buildings above Columbus Circle, from Goldman Sachs to CNN.

Nai Wang’s Solution

Nai decided to try on Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Tests to see how they fit her demanding clientele. She especially liked how quick and easy the testing was, since in her retail shop, with its tiny footprint, in a high traffic area like Turn-Style, time really is money. Equally important, though, the Smart Vision Labs test and telemedicine solution for prescriptions would appeal to both her the tech savvy customers and the businesses above Columbus Circle.

Nai Wang’s Results

We’ll let Nai herself tell you about her results: “The exams are very convenient and our customers love it. People like the modern technology, vision exams have not changed since the 1800s and this is something modern. I’m very happy with the business I’ve been getting since we’ve started using it we have experienced a 30-40% increase in business and customer growth.” And it’s not just her customers who love Smart Vision Labs. Nai herself praises the customer service she’s been receiving from Smart Vision Labs, and she’s now primed to pursue the lucrative corporate screening business waiting just upstairs.

Are You a Visionary Like Nai? Do You Want to Increase Your Store’s Customer Growth Rate?

Can cutting edge technology like Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test and proprietary telemedicine platform help you provide your customers with faster, more convenient vision care while also bolstering your fashion forward brand image? Even if your customers are busy, demanding, upscale working professionals in the heart of New York City?

Will it work equally well in a high-tech haven like Palo Alto, a small town in upstate New York, or a trendy neighborhood in Los Angeles?

Are you a visionary like Nai Wang?

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